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Angular is great, as many other frameworks, but they are all feel like workarounds, I mean features they implement should be standard and supported by default for the web. We should better agree on the best approaches and make it to be the part of the web specifications supported by default in browsers. And no doubt the browser is the major multiplatform app environment, so make it even more convenient, make it true app engine and not just a web documents reader as it was intended since the beginning, or do we need new web platform?


Do you really think a new platform is going to help? How? Who is going to create it? What are their priorities going to be? How will they assure it's better than what we have? How is it going to get in the hands of as many end users around the world? Why can't we just evolve the platform we have? If we can't agree on how to do that, how will we agree on the right new platform?


I tend to agree with you that the new platform is really hard to push into masses. I can only see 2 major benefits which can motivate people to adopt it: 1. unified platform for apps, as it is already web now, but without all inconveniences of the it in current state. 2. Major security and privacy built in on day 1, including distribution of apps via block-chain, for example.

I agreed until you said block chain.

But I still think it would be... more likely to succeed, maybe... to evolve from the set of shared concepts and based on a common understanding of the benefits and flaws of the web.

One issue is that, respectfully, not everyone who thinks they've nailed the concepts and flaws of the web has. If you can't explain why HTML is important and recognize it needs to evolve and how, you don't have the necessary foundation yet. If you think replacing it with script is the right move, think again. Not to go all "appeal to authority" on you, but even Brenden Eich agrees.

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