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Discussion on: Is AWS killing Linux?

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Konstantin Klima

The turth of the matter is that not all programming is web programming.
Linux is an essential part of many industries - for instance embedded software, where it is a lot easier to use Linux than write your own OS.
That bit about using Linux rathet than writing your own OS also works for the cloud - the companies with the resources you mentioned are more likely to invest in custom kernels, keeping anything else they might need rather than building a whole new env, which would be a waste of time and money because Linux already has decades of functional code behind it.
Finally, even if we stick to more traditional web and network uses, many companies will prefer to use their own server or emulate the cloud due to IP, privacy or plain convenience - imagine trying to edit terabytes of video material off of the cloud at a mobie studio for instance. I've also read developer accounts of companies trying serverless and then going back because the flow just didn't suit their pipeline.

All in all, the new serverless approach has it's uses, and is undoubtedly gaining more and more traction, however, this does not mean Linux will die off anytime soon.