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Korab Dragidella
Korab Dragidella

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"A Complete Guide to the Ruby Programming World"

I recently started learning Ruby, and the main reason that I got inspired to start learning it was this particular article called "A complete guide to Ruby programming world"(

It had a lot of great content, such as the popularity of Ruby, what kind of websites were made with Ruby that are well known.

Additionally, I learned that Ruby has 3 main key principles:

1 – Ruby was created for developers

2 – The focus on code quality

3 Maintained by the community

Ruby also has a lot of businesses benefits such as
Reliable: At least through the last decade, Rails has proven its reliability and demonstrated opportunities for consistently scaling any kind of product. Therefore, it’s safe to say that this framework is a solid basis for successful platforms of any size, starting from startups to large enterprises.

Performance: The level of Rails performance, accounting for speed, efficiency, and software resources required, is high enough for any enterprise to use. In fact, the Ruby on Rails has demonstrated a high performance since Ruby 1.9 and 3 were released. And, Rails keeps on showing even higher success rates.

Integrations: Thanks to the Rails community and the activities of IT leaders, integrating enterprise software with Ruby on Rails is way faster and more efficient today than it was, say seven years ago. Additionally, Ruby can integrate and coexist with Java, .NET and other different platforms perfectly.

Digital transformation: Ruby is a perfect solution to current issues of digitalization. It offers ready-made solutions for any business needs, starting from automating operational processes to improving customer order processing and employee management processes.

But, as the article states, Ruby has disadvantages too, like multithreading.

I thought it was worth sharing here :).

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