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Discussion on: Promise Chains are Kinda Awesome

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Kostia Palchyk • Edited on

Well, I agree with Dustin that without some context highlighting IDE it's hard to argue what's happening down that .then chain. (I probably would start with re-indenting such code if I saw it in a codebase)

And async operations are already tough to understand. (Probably that's why some people invented async/await)

So, IMHO, it's a cool approach with all those curried functions, really!

Though in real code (if I had friends to invite) I'd use more declarative way, e.g.:

// parallel
// and then combined
.then(results => {
   // ...

there are some libraries actually that have parallel/sequential helpers to get rid of those .then chains, though I haven't found any quickly enough

It's a bit more like a callback hell, I know, yet for me personally this way its easier to understand the sequences and dependencies.

Again, it's a personal opinion. Still, it was interesting for me to read those point-free (?) functions. So thanks, Benny!

P.S. Maybe, the lesson here is that we should mix those approaches.