A note to my younger self (and everyone who reads this)

Kevin Path on April 20, 2017

As the one-year mark approaches for my time in the programming industry as a junior developer, I would like to take the time to jot down four pie... [Read Full]
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After about 12 years in the profession, I still search Google every now and then.. And although it occurs less and less, it's not likely to stop, since the most important thing in this industry, is not to invent the wheel.
Although counter-intuitive, a completely new from scratch solution is usually inferior to a tried-and-tested framework/tool/package/etc. that you use to construct a tailored solution to the problem at hand.
As a result, you must always be on top of things, and be aware to the progression of the industry, so you can find said frameworks/tools/packages/etc., and some creative ways to use them.
And the best thing is, that as you progress you can start publishing blogs or answering questions regarding your new knowledge.


Awesome insights and thank you for passing some advice down to me.


Love this one "No one really knows what they are doing" :)


Number 3 really hit home for me. As a voracious reader, my instinct when learning anything is to check out a bunch of books from the library and read them cover to cover. Coding has been such a shift because just like learning a foreign language, you can only learn it by actually using it. Now this is one of the first pieces of advice I give fellow nerds interested in development. (Of course, the other topics are spot on as well.)


These are great points you have mentioned. And as a self-taught Android Developer, I think the 2nd point is really important you know. To write better code, you have to read good code so most of the time I'm going through open source projects and see how expert programmers and the fellow devs achieve something and it really opens my eyes that there are so many better ways to achieve a single thing.

Keep up the good work and Good Luck :)


Great insights!

Number one caught my eye. Mentorship is very important. I had one at my first employment. He should me great tricks even though he would Google. Right now, no mentor. Mentors really help people along career paths


Great, pragmatic advice and complements very nicely the idea of being a learner, not being afraid to fail and cherishing community and teamwork. I, for one, am never too long in the tooth to 'refresh' principles that served me well my entire career. Thanks for sharing!


this is excellent - should put this on a sticker/poster: "The only way to claim your success is to face failure and learn from it."


Great article. Point 3 is bang on. Practice makes perfect.


Sage points! Thank you, I'll definitely keep this in mind when I enter the job market next year.


No problem! And Best of luck friend, I'm sure you will do great


You last paragraph is my favourite. There are no failures in life, just lessons.

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