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Discussion on: What are you looking forward to when the pandemic is over?

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krishna kakade

hello ben and all hope you doing well
i am looking forward for joining my college currently i am final year CS grad
now online college is going on but you know that's thought too sit many hours sometimes audio issues okay that's a pretty much for issues
firstly in third year i didn't like to go for college regualry means for doing extra curricular things i do bunk and learn things from home
things I miss at home about college and regular routine are long walk journey to college regularly I walk 10KM(both side comingtohome+&goingtocollege) regularly to going to college from the stand but as folks are saying from next 2 months college/schools will open in India that's good but anyway, this is going to be my last 7-8 months as a student then I am going to be a life student.
miss my long walks visiting temples
I going to meet my Grandfather he had eye surgery 5-6 months ago is near to 85 now still he does farming cow milk everything stuff and grandmother also looking forward to seeing them and yeah after final year completing my MERN stack I am going to apply for jobs and in this tough time I do my things, okay but because of family issues/fights and stuff I feel bad about my mother but I say myself I am a strong boy and she is very supportive to me she had a gap in her back because she paid my studies and all payments by doing tailor work like in India women wear blouses and dress my mother is that kind of tailor so this it.
and i am going to plan for buying a new book by Jay Shetty How to think like a monk one and i completed reading Monk who sold his Ferrari hey ban if you come to india then we will definitely meet each otherwise if i come to NYC/CA then we will meet.
and yeah who doesn't love going outside in nature btw I am not very social person but i love nature and temples spirituality that kind of stuff thank you for reading have great rest of the year everyone I hope/prays too god pandemic will over soon.
and yes offline meetups are cool.
bye see you soon with new articles friends/brothers