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krishna kakade
krishna kakade

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Review of Ubuntu after 4 months of daily usage

hello all In this article
I will explain of experience of ubuntu after 4 months of daily heavy usage.
Firstly this my first-time regular usage of ubuntu firstly I am a windows guy but I have tried ubuntu a couple of times but not heavy regular usage so in this article I will pros and cons of ubuntu and also the problems I face and how I solved those things.

Overall UI(User Experience) review
Transitioning to ubuntu after using windows more than 3 years of regular usage firstly I am excited for the change new ecosystem I didn't find any flaws or complications in UI of Ubuntu 20.04 infact Ubuntu feels like Mac OS to me that is kind of cool thing now question arises what if there is UI freeze kind of thing
how I am tackling with UI issues
In case of windows my laptop is used to show 100% disk usage and because of that my laptop used to freeze daily so then I have to do restart again and again and I having pretty much good hardware 16gigs of RAM 2 TB hdd but I don't have ssd:( Now in case of Ubuntu as a primary operating system it's been four months now hardly my UI doc and overall UI freezed less than 5 times and if that happens like user interface not responding then simple fix for that is ALT +F2 and just type r in that box and it's done issue solved 💪😄👌 sounds cool right but it feels better than sounds cool 😊 so no major issues with UI everything works fine.
So-called command syndrome
Most developers/users think ubuntu is hard to use no that is the myth of the group of folks because as we need to install apps/programs in ubuntu manually but there thousand of resources available on the internet like if need to install vscode or lmms there is installation command guide available for that. so installing and removing the program is not big task.
and all development thing works fine and no worries with that every App that developer need that is available in linux.
Problems for that i didn't got good solution for

  • react native installation doesn't work
  • some times music breaks not always once in while. *Only thing i miss in this OS is playing games i tried epic games through lutris but didn't worked that is only sad other thing smooth like butter * That's it for this one . thank you for reading :) Should you switch to linux gify My Ubuntu version is 20.04

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Prakhar Yadav

Hi @krishnakakade , you might want to explore snap store to install applications. It's an easier way to install apps and many major products provide official snaps of their applications. Major benefit? Updates are easily delivered.

p.s. it's time you think of moving to SSD. I installed an SSD in place of HD & moved HD to where DVD drive once used to be (with the help of caddy). My old system now outperforms my Macbook pro. It's a day's effort or 2. You'll find solution to every issue on youtube. Trust me. Do it. 😃

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krishna kakade

Yes bro i will update it in future

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Rachit Khurana

Hey, you can try KDE destop environment. Even I installed it on my ubuntu, KDE has a lot more features & more customisation options