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The next 50 years predicting the future🤔🌌

krishnakakade profile image krishna kakade ・6 min read

hello there 😊👋
So in this article, I am going to write about which things are going to change rapidly and things those are going to make a huge impact on human beings' lives.
following Areas are going to cover in this article:-

  • Technology(AI/ML/AR/VR)
  • Life Science/neuron science
  • climate change
  • human lives
  • anything that comes in mind(at the time of writing article) that is going to have huge impact on future.
  • my plans and final thoughts
  • Technologies
  • Tip for related tag moderaters and flaging content etc.

So we all know we are surrounded by smartphones and laptops tablets fit-bits all of the internet connected devices and now we are using Alexa,google assistant etc like personal assistants so from that we know one thing they know everything about-us maybe more than our-self so anyone can find which type of person you are what you like? what not? our behavior, emotions, thinking many more countless things so from that we can conclude many things but right-now I can conclude two things see below🔽

1.Giving Recommendations according to sentiments and by interests
2.How Neuralink can store memories and make decisions like real human automated bots.

These two points described 🔽 by my own theories and the things I learned in machine learning in the university.

  • Giving Recommendations according to sentiments and by interests

So this point is known to many techies but still i am going to write on that so lets begin so as we all know recently 4to5 months ago google ads showing everywhere choose your personal interests then we will show ads and news according to that and they are doing it 100% and i noticed one thing since i use mobile and technology regularly i search lot about tech ex:web/web-development/AI(artificial intelligence )/ML(machine learning ) and about the music Ex(The Beatles/Paul McCartney ) i noticed they are giving me news of Paul and technologies and movies i search on google basically they are storing data of billions of humans data in millions/billions of GB's so from that i can conclude one thing they can use this data to build human like us in terms of bots (Robots) as we all know about Sophia (if not just search on google everything you will find about Sophia there ) on the basis of billions of folks of memories in terms of videos and images text they send to the (family/girls) including all type of relationships texts from that they can be emotional/thinkers like human after merging millions of memories of folks from that there model is getting trained again and one day there going to think like us not 100% but i think this will happen one that's all about this point.
2.How Neuralink can store memories and make decisions like real human automated bots.
so as many of us know a few days ago Elon musk presented Neuralink live demo in that #Neuralink planting coin-sized chips in the human brain for your brain to help fight memory loss, blindness, paralysis, depression, insomnia, seizures, addiction,brain damage. it is like a fitness band for the brain and now the human brain can be manipulated not to think for the crash. from that if a person dies from etc reason they are having his/her lifelong memories thinking ability info stored so from that they can make ML trained bot from that and on the basis of that if that person family person needs advice or something like how property or wealth is going to distributed to other members this example not make sense but know this will if a person like Elon-musk everyone knows he is legend living Iron-man so he knows how to think in future means he having the ability to innovate new things if his memories or thoughts processing is stored in that so you know that is a miracle. or this same thing is applicable to well know scientists and entrepreneurs also that's it for this point.
how things/innovation make an impact on the jobs market

So we all know most of the work of the IT section is replaced by bots most of the simple work and now for running commands and build servers packages everyone is switching towards the CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous deployment thing ) so most of the jobs are now replaced by that and in upcoming years 50 years I don't think the developer will basic programming languages to build websites or apps that thing is going to replaced by Sketch to code thing currently Microsoft is working on that but it will take 5 to 10 years but still complex parts of frameworks thing developers are needed and most of the jobs like Delivery boys/ amazon bots will replace them like flying delivery systems and robotic waiters and other jobs will be replaced by bots so many of the people switch their domains to ML/AI for sure.
AR/VR augmented reality and virtual reality we all are using these technologies in google earth new iPad AR apps live cam animals and many more things like exploring Alaska from home and visiting New-York from this feels cool for some time but it will not give a joy that physically we get many of us will get obesity by using technology more time because we didn't go outside it will make an impact on health also.
AR in creating Thanos check that making a video on YouTube
human lives

People will control their organs according to their needs bypassing senses to that organs veins by using Neuralink like technologies.
And in the future, there will be more viruses according to scientists but soon we will get the COVID-19 vaccine and in the next 50 years we can cure CANCER and HIV-AIDS according to that two things can happen people will live longer on shorter if we stay in present.
In 2050 may be on Mars humans have Elon-musk named colony there
Climate change

as we all know antarctic glaciers are melting very rapidly so we have to use natural resources in less amount we have to follow rules like don't cut the trees and plant more trees and because of that, we can prevent pollution and glaciers melting also.
We all know drivers also lose their job in the next 20 years for sure or in the next 50 years for 100% autonomous cars Tesla
and maybe we can travel forward in time also if we achieve the speed of light kind of thing then we can make a car or something that can revolve around the earth by the speed of light after riding in that bike after spending ex:- 2hr to 3hr then after stopping that car or something machine we can see our-self in 20 years ahead that's it.

  • Dev tag moderators and content flagging:-
    As we all know dev is having tag moderators and content flagging system so the dev can make one automated bot for if some comments or content is using vulgar or bad language related to women or related to everything as like youtube that bot can remove that comment or content automatically.

  • Final Thoughts:-
    People will get more lazy and they will not thing like patience like we know things like downloading movies takes 40 minutes or buffering but the next generation cannot bear/handle that any patience.
    I think I am retired at that time but still, I will show my interest in research and development and science maybe I am active in research and in writing articles at that time. and yeah I will be the grandpa at that time 😅 and yes I love my mother forever always
    currently, I am learning full-stack developer but in the future, I will work on AI/ML we have switch domains and I love to research and new innovative things so from that I can say that.
    I wrote this article in 4 hours straight every single word and research is mine everything is typed by DELL KBC-216 i hope you guys like this article.
    Drop your thoughts below and give claps if you like it Thank you
    and you can support me here👉 BuyMeMilk
    Know more about me here

Note:- This is a brief explanation of new technologies and innovations and future predictions in my own English writing tone.

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Discussion (6)

simpleadam profile image
simpleAdam • Edited
  1. I think Neural networks are going to change everything, similar to the industrial revolution but for the mind, and in the next 10-20 years. Surely it will become a more important topic in CS at least.
  2. Biology is the main growth area in Science. it is only just beginning as a field. lots of developments here.
  3. Learning and education might change, along with training machines to learn. Learning might become a science for the first time. The internet is the big library of knowledge now so learning will probably move online somehow. No one has quite figured it out yet from what i can see.
allenmiller304 profile image
Allen Miller

I don’t see Neural Networks improving a lot in the near future, I am maybe wrong, but think about it:

1- A billion years ago there was billions of life forms on earth with neural networks small or big.
2- Every one of these organisms reproduced and every time it reproduced the neural network on the next generation changed to become a combination of both parents’ neural network.
3- The organisms with the best neural network survived, and the others did not
4- The process repeated for a billion years, with zillions of organisms and the best so far Earth got is us, humans (or maybe the worst since we are destroying it)

We will eventually build excellent neural networks (brains) but if it took evolution zillions of try and fail to get to where we are now, I think it will take us more than 20 years :-)

allenmiller304 profile image
Allen Miller

Elon Musk’s Neural Network is just another publicity stunt, here is a real photo of human neurons

This is one of the photos we can capture, now look at it closely, the black dot in the middle is (Add/Pass-If) statement (the hardware / neuron), the wires between them is the actual software as hardware (length and signal lose), and the floating receptors around them are the other part of the software (serotonin, dopamine, etc.)

There are 60 or 70 billion of these neurons in everyone’s brain,, and so many connections, 10 to 15 percent of them processing and exchanging signals at any moment of time, 100% of them do process information, but in turns, in order to form a consciousness.

Too many try to process / fire signals = seizure, too little = coma

Now, in order to integrate anything in to the human brain in the next 100 years (very short period of time), that thing needs to properly connect to every single neuron in the areas we are trying to improve, and that will require:

1- Reverse engineer the entire brain of someone in a computer, neuron by neuron, link by link while alive, at real-time.
2- Have some robots that are smaller than the neurons go in and do billions of links between them and the new hardware.

That is all very good, but we don’t even have the technology to see them properly, and we are talking about touching them and modifying them.

A few thousands of years from now maybe possible to some degree, but until then Elon needs to keep his popularity up in order to generate more money, so you end up with a device with wires, and every think wire touches a random set of tens of thousands of neurons and electrocute them or record the electrical signal generated by them.

krishnakakade profile image
krishna kakade Author

yup reality sounds sad but it will happen one day hope for the best and thank you for the great reply really aprreciated bro ❤🤗🎉✨🌸

allenmiller304 profile image
Allen Miller

About human life in the next 50 years, my thoughts

If you look at Earth from space, you will see that it producing 385,000 new humans every 24 hours, when it comes to life, Earth was always at full capacity, every corner of it is full with lifeforms, but the last few hundred years we took over, and in order for the new humans / us to live, we have to destroy other lifeforms.

Now about resources, 385,000 means millions of new items for the people born today, and more millions for the 385,000 born tomorrow and so on, billions and billions of new products are required, and Earth is literally limited (space, energy, resources, etc.)

If you look at your body under a microscope, it is just cells, everyone of us is an ecosystem, that ecosystem maintains stable state (body temperature, size, shape, processes, etc), bacteria goes in, destabilizes it, and your body increases the temperature to fight it.

Earth is no different, but it works slowly (comparing to time/us), one part of it (humans) went out of control, and it is working to reduce them, higher temperature, better viruses, etc.

The next 50 years will be tougher for us, sure, technology will get better, but there will be less of everything, and more of us, life will still be good for many, but much harder for most.

krishnakakade profile image
krishna kakade Author

Grear response 😊❤👍🔥

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