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Azure Devops Series - 2

Krishna Kurtakoti
web developer
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Creating Release Pipelines

  1. We need to have a service connection ready to bind the azure web app with the devops pipelienes. So, we proceed by creating a new service connection as shown below:

In the project Settings, search for Service connections.
a. Click on Service connections as shown in the figure below. Select Azure Resource Manager as connection type.


b. For the selected Azure Resource Manager, select Publish Profile as the Authentication method.


c. The final step of creating a new Azure service connections is completed by filling in the Subscription, Resource group(where the web app is deployed), the web app name, Service connection name.


Now, the service connection is created.

Create a new release pipeline

a. Create a new pipeline as shown in the figure below by clicking ‘new release pipeline’.


b. Create a new task by searching for ‘Azure Web App’ under the Deploy section.

c. Click on Azure Web App as shown in the figure below.

d. Fill in the Display name, Azure subscription,App type, App name


e. We also need to add an artifact produced earlier from the build pipeline as shown below.

f. Once, the artifact is uploaded, we need to check the continous integration checkbox for us to run the pipeline whenever we have a new build pipeline running. It is shown below.
Click on add to specify the branch to build.Here, we have ‘Development’ as the branch.


g. Final step is to click on Create release button to trigger the continous deployment of the release pipeline.



We can see the release pipeline running as shown below.


This completed the flow for building of the release pipleline by creating a new service connection in the Azure Devops in our project.

I would like to mention all who helped me in development of the project.

  1. Althaf H(CTO) in building the project flow and reviewing it.

  2. Swetha SR (.Net Solution Architect) for developing the build pipelines (translating from manual build cycle to automated build pipelines).

  3. Narendra Reddy(.Net developer) in debugging the project.

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