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How to Write Literature Review of MA Tourism Project

Review of literature is a secondary based data that you have outline briefly each post that you've reviewed when you are Writing your MA tourism project work. Even though a summary of what you've read is included within the review of literature. It targets a particular subject of interest for you and features an important analysis of this connection among different functions, and relating to this study to your Ignou MA Tourism dissertation. It might be composed as a standalone paper or to supply a theoretical framework and justification for a research study such as project work.

Ignou university has mentioned the proper guidelines to compose project work including the review of literature. Summarizes an extremely clear, step-by-step strategy that's extremely beneficial to use as you compose your own review. Ignou synopsis have incorporated some other hints in this manual, especially in suggesting different technology tools which you may wish to take into account in assisting you to arrange your own review.

Here we have included is the outline of these steps just as explained in the Ignou guidelines. In addition, Ignou synopsis provide links in the end of the guide to sources you should to use so as to search the books and because you write your own review.

Along with utilizing the step-by-step guide we have written below, In addition, We advise that you (a) find examples of literature reviews in your area of research and research over these to get a sense for what a literature review is and the way these are composed for the Ignou MTTM project and we have provided links to a few examples in the end of those tips (b) read more guides to writing literature reviews so you see various viewpoints and strategies.

Steps to Write Review of Literature

1 - Decide on a topic. Establish your research query.

Your review of literature should be directed by a fundamental research question. Bear in mind, it's not a group of loosely associated research in a discipline but rather reflects research and background developments associated with a particular research question, interpreted and examined by you personally in a synthesized manner.

2 - Choose the range of your critique.

First check that how many sources your project work will take and according to that decide how many studies do you need to appear at? Just how many years if it cover?
Suggestion: This will depend on your MA Tourism project.

3 - Make a listing of the databases that you may search.

Remember to include comprehensive databases like WorldCat and Dissertations & Theses, in case you need to.

4 - Conduct your hunts and discover the literature. Read your hunts!

In this step conduct the study to find the review of literature related to the topic and always find and write the latest review of literature

Suggestion – You need to mention the review of literature of last 10 years and in chronological order.

Once we will finish conducting the search of review literature of IGNOU MTTM 16 Dissertation start writing the review of related literature. According to the Ignou guidelines we have to mention the whole review of literature in the second chapter of the Ignou proposal as well as project report.

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