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Last Weeks' Top 5 Unseen Articles

Day after day, people like you write fantastic articles here on But, due to the sheersize of this platform, not every article gets the attention it may deserve. So, this is my attempt to highlight the best articles published last week, which haven't got a lot of reactions (yet).

What makes them the Best? 🤔 Well, I chose them, so they covered a topic I liked.

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Carreer boosting 🚀

This one from Raúl Sánchez isn't really an article but rather a discussion. Nonetheless there are a lot of great insights in the comments there, check it out or add your own tips!

Design 🎨

Clicking a button on an UI should do something, and it should give immediate feedback that something happened.
Brian Neville-O'Neill
wrote a thorough explanation about designing a ripple effect for buttons. This article comes with a lot of explanations and an example. Worth the read.

GraphQL 📈

Hasura, a company building an really impressive open source GraphQL engine introduced their Paid Pro Plan. Surely an important step for them on the way to be an lucrative company. (The main offering is still Open source and free). The article details the new offer, including some video demos.

Wait is almost over ⏳

React Suspense is Reacts' long awaited new feature/paradigm. Jake Lumetta introduces us to the concepts and shows a lot of code examples while showing us how to build great user experiences with suspense.

Motivation 👏

Sometimes you need a little push.
James Wade
makes some points why it can be a good idea to be bold. What he mostly means be that is go and do the things you think should be done.

That's my pick. There were a lot of great articles last week, so I'd be happy if you could chime in and share your Unseen Articles in the comments.

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