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Russ Hammett
Russ Hammett

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So we've been doing a lot of .net development lately at the ol' shop. I'm now certified in MS SQL 2008 development, next up is .net! :)

Been trying to learn a bit more about api and ajaxy type stuff - though it's been around for quite some time, with the stuff I've been exposed to at work and in school I haven't had much chance to learn the *new* old stuff.

I am currently working on an API that will help with unspoiled node tracking for the MMORPG Final Fantasy 14. So far I have gotten the in game clock time calculation worked into the API.

Next up on the learning agenda is to figure out authentication and authorization when it comes to api. I noticed that with the new web api 2 provided by .net there are new built in functions to make it easier, but still quite a learning process for me. Once I get the authorization set up on the API, I'll have to figure out how to authenticate from my website hosted on a separate subdomain.

Speaking of domains and subdomains, I have purchased a domain from for the purpose of attempting to get an SSL certificate in order to encrypt data for use with the web api.

When I'm not working on the web api, you can usually find me on the hyperion server as "Kritner Swiffertail" in FFXIV.

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