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To those thinking Ruby JIT will be as fast, GraalVM and Truffle Ruby is literally hundreds of million dollar investment from Oracle over the past few years and more. I seriously doubt Ruby JIT will be anywhere close, and it is not a fair comparison anyway.

TruffleRuby has been aiming to run Rails for two years now, so it is close, but like any project the last 20% bits and pieces tends to take as much time as the first 80%.

They are trying to be a drop in replacement for MRI, with Sulong you can execute C, and other programming languages ( Including Javascript ) that can be transformed to LLVM bitcode on GraalVM. Unfortunately C extensions are hard to get right. So they had to even go and fix the C extension themselves.

I think they do need a bit more help from the Rails communities, unfortunately it seems everyone is avoiding anything from Oracle like plague. While Oracle might not be a companies to trust, they have been a very decent Java Stewards for many years now, and there is nothing stopping you from forking the entire project which is open sources.

Chris Seaton twitter.com/chrisgseaton is now working in Shopify, although he did said he is not trying to get Rails inside Shopify to be running on TuffleRuby yet.

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