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Trying to get ahead of the game with quantum computing?


Not really... Balanced ternary in an electrical sense, is just taking into account the direction of a current, as well as its on/off state... (creating a ground state, a positive state, and a negative state, hence "balanced" ternary) Quantum computing involves relatively complex concepts such as superposition, and other mind-boggling concepts I'd rather not get into :)


Yeah, I was thinking pos/neg/superposition as +1,-1,0 so your work could be leveraged for quantum computing. However, it is probably more complicated that than. Seems an interesting field of study nonetheless.

to clarify, What SBTCVM's VM virtualizes is still technically a digital computer, in the sense that it has finite and exact states, though technically, it could be possible to devise a machine with both balanced ternary logic and superposition.... if you want to learn more about SBTCVM, I'd recommend the SBTCVM blog: sbtcvm.blogspot.com/

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