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I use functional programming, but do mostly business dev. So no, I don't use a lot of math other than basic arithmetic. However I do not view the advanced math I took as a waste, because I do not view understanding and knowledge as a waste. For example, operations like map and reduce (without side effects) are provably mathematically sound, which means I can rely heavily on them without worry. And there have been many other cross-overs from advanced math into tech-related fields. Even something as "simple" as parity in RAID has conceptual cross-over into modular arithmetic (mod 2 specifically) which I learned about in modern algebra. Also, it was in linear algebra that I was first exposed to operations which were not reversible. This kind of thing forms the basis of hashing and cryptography. I don't write hashing and cryptography code, but having an understanding of what is possible and how it works definitely helps to use it more appropriately.

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