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Lucretius Biah
Lucretius Biah

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The FLAMES Game Algorithm in JavaScript

So I wanted to create the FLAMES Game in JavaScript and here's how I did it

If you haven't read about my article on the FLAMES game, you can read it here.

The Algorithm

Okay, so here's how the game work.

  1. It takes two full names of different individuals

  2. Cancel out the common letters in both names

  3. Count the number of uncommon letter's

  4. Find the modular 6 of that number

  5. Then compare the number to this simple table

| Number | FLAMES |
| ------ | ------------- |
| 0 | Friends |
| 1 | Lovers |
| 2 | Admirers |
| 3 | Marriage |
| 4 | Enemies |
| 5 | Secret Lovers |

Code In JavaScript

So we are going to use Object Oriented Approach to create the game in JavaScript so you can create a new JavaScript file and paste the following code inside and I will explain below

class Flames {
        // The constructor takes both names as paramters
        this.first_name = first_name; //The first partner's name
        this.second_name = second_name; //The second partner's name
        //We then create a clone of both names and convert them 
        //to lowercase and remove all white spaces in them
        //NB: The reason for creating the clone is because we don't
        //want to mess with the original data

        if (first_name === undefined || second_name === undefined)
                throw Error("Both names are required");

        this.a = this.first_name.toLowerCase().replace(/\s/g,"");
        this.b = this.second_name.toLowerCase().replace(/\s/g,"");
        //Now we remove the cloned variables since they are not needed
        delete this.a;
        delete this.b;

        //This method is responsible for cancelling the common letters
        //out and returning the uncancelled letters

        for (let i = 0; i < this.a.length; i++) {
            for (let j = 0; j < this.b.length; j++){
                //The `if` statement below is to check if a letter in the
                //first_name is also present in the second_name, if it is,
                //it removes that letter in both names.
                //After that, we call the function again, the reason for calling
                //the function is to make it run with the new data or else it will
                //stick to the unreplaced data
                if (this.a[i] === this.b[j]){
                    this.a = this.a.replace(this.a[i],"");
                    this.b = this.b.replace(this.b[j],"");
        this.differenceContent = this.a + this.b;
        this.difference = this.a.length + this.b.length;
        return this.difference;
        //The method responsible for returning the relationship between both individuals
        const FLAMES = {
            0: ["F","Friends"],
            1: ["L","Lovers"],
            2: ["A","Admirers"],
            3: ["M","Marriage"],
            4: ["E","Enemies"],
            5: ["S","Secret Lovers"]
        let modular_difference = this.difference % 6; //Gets the modular 6 of this.difference
        this.relationship = FLAMES[modular_difference];
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Explaining The Code

That's all the code for the game. So we created a class called Flames. It's constructor takes two parameters; first_name and second_name. We then create a clone of both names as this.a and this.b respectively, the reason why we do this is that we do not want to mess with the original data.

The getDifference function is the function which is responsible for cancelling out the common letters in both names. It iterates through all the letters in the first_name and checks to see if that letter exists in the second_name. If it does, it removes that letter in both names. After that, it combines the letters which were not cancelled and sets it as this.difference.

The function getRelationship is the function which determines the relationship between the two names. It contains an object whose keys can be used to find the relationship between the names. The modular_difference variable contains this.difference MOD 6. This will return an integer which is less than 6, we then use that integer as key to access the relationship from the FLAMES object.

Playing The Game

In order to play the game, you can create an HTML file and place a form which requires two names, the creativity is upto you, then in your JavaScript, you pass those names to the FLAMES class like this;

const FLAMES = new Flames("First Partner's Name","Second Parner's Name");
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Do note that, the Flames class returns an object which contains some basic data, in order to get the relationship, you need to call the class' instance.relationship


So that's the algorithm for the FLAMES game in JavaScript, you can try it out at

Happy Coding 😄

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