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Kudakwashe Paradzayi
Kudakwashe Paradzayi

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So today I bought some stickers on the shop 😎

Every once in a while I attend local conferences and meetups here in Harare, Zimbabwe and sometimes I get to leave with a bag full of swag (t-shirts, stickers, mugs, you name it).

It is a strangely amazing feeling of belonging to a community when you get to wear that #Hactoberfest tshirt, slap your laptop with forLoop stickers or drink from that cool cup.

I feel so lucky to have found an online community that really embraces me as a developer, and that is the DEVπŸ–€ community. I would like to see this community live on and on as long as humanely possible because it gives us a voice to be heard and a platform to connect with other like minded developers.

When I'm burned out, I can talk to other developers here and get advice on how to handle certain scenarios. When I'm stuck whilst writing code, I can find technical articles that are really helpful, and it's generally a nice place to hang out and chat.

So today I visited and browsed through all the merchandise. The merch is absolutely high quality but I chose to buy stickers (coz I really ❀ 'em stickers, and they are the only thing I could afford πŸ˜‚).

I hope my tiny tiny contribution to this community will go a long way to ensure its sustainability.

Cheers πŸ₯‚

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