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Kunal Arora
Kunal Arora

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My first Hactoberfest

I completed my First Hacktoberfest by submitting 4 PRs. My 4 PRs are accepted by Hacktoberfest Team.

After registering, the search🧐 for an open-source project began.
Because this was my first time contributing to an open-source projects, I was a little bit nervous. I was at a loss as to which projects to choose. React is my preferred technology stack. I also have a good grip in Front-End. As a result, I began searching for open-source projects involving the Python programming language and HTML,CSS,JS.REACTJS.

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kudos Kunal,
just enjoy OSS -> just dig in -> properly conversate -> make contributions (whether it is code ideas or anything) and you will see great oppurtunities coming to you right away.
All the best, Happy Coding

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Kunal Arora

Thanks much Nomadev!!! :D

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Thomas Bonnet

Awesome !