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Not sure it's on topic but one thing I'm seeing companies doing more and more is asking for "links to github of projects you have worked on" so they can see what type of code you write.
While I understand the idea, I'm not a big fan of this because there are people like myself who built tools for companies that do not allow to share it or even put it on github.

Yes, you could say "then join an open-source project and contribute" which is good but even if you have the time for that, which you may not have, it's already too late to apply to the position you're seeing now ...


I agree with this. It is saying "work 8 hours, then 4 more for free for years for us to consider you". Pish. Conversely, there is not quantitative way to show skill without example. Welders can show there skill. Drivers can show there skill. Developers can as well, but how without additional workload is the question.


I agree. And I get why they do that, it's a lot of risk choosing somebody you don't know but we also take the risk leaving our job and joining them.
We should both take risks, not only the applicant.

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