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Discussion on: Upgrading to AngularFire 6 with Angular 9

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Koen (K.W.H.J.) van der Kamp

Hoi (that's Dutch for Hi) Sreekanth Reddy Pathi Reddy,

Thanks for your sharing these State-of-the-Art changes. May I add one small contribution? I guess you do allow me, because you are XTeam? and it saved me some time to figure out, what to choose (and understand what service is needed).

In the second picturebox (the version 6 one), the line
Promise typed signIn(...)-method, the
Entity 'auth.UserCredentials' needs an import statement:
import { auth } from 'firebase'.
I would suggest to add that import as well in this picturebox, because their is another one to choose (which isn't obviously not the right one)!

Are you connected to XTeam? I guess you are. I just signed up last week to become involved as wel however pretty busy organising some spare seconds to go to the whole process.
So do not blame me for not having a template yet!

With Regards,

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Sreekanth Reddy Pathi Reddy Author

Hi K.W.H.J. van der Kamp,

Thanks for the suggestion. I am not sure about the other import but I added the import statement as you suggested. Glad to know this helped you.