re: What do you use for private package hosting? VIEW POST

re: GitHub packages or azure container registry depending on the project

Which languages are you using GitHub packages for? I imagine Azure container registry is for your Docker images.


Yes, azure is for Docker images. I use GitHub packages for NPM packages and Docker images

It might be a better practice to distribute packages and docker images itself on different platforms, in this case the packages on GH and images on ACR specially if a partner with Microsoft where ACR will become the cheaper option

No idea about the best practices. But imo, GitHub is cheaper, and provides 500mb for free, but as we have GitHub pro, we get 2gb or storage for containers and packages

We will be using GitHub pro as well. Also, technical wise there doesn't seem to be any complication in using GitHub's container registry with actions to deploy to Azure K8s using Terraform. It even makes it one less step to deal with the resource group and Azure's permissions to publish on ACR, but it still stands as a more reliant option.

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