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Matt, thanks for the article and the creation of edabit. In about 2 days with edabit I feel like I have a much better practical understanding of how to manipulate python lists and I've even learned some new approaches (syntactically and otherwise) thanks to the resources and solutions tabs on each problem. This is a great tool and I feel like I'm perfectly in the middle stage of programming you describe in this article (i.e. "They have no direction other than vague advice to start making things, which is kind of like trying to ride a bike without ever having used training wheels.")

I've occasionally jumped into making stuff (because I had a problem to solve), but even with those wins I felt like my general understanding of programming was limited to the problems I solved (and therefore limited to the problems I could come up with and devote time to). This didn't help my overall feeling that I could really leverage code effectively/quickly enough to invest the time.

In short: thanks for edabit. It's proving (to me) that I basically understand the syntax and how to do things, but it's also increasing my self-efficacy for generally being able to approach problems more quickly with code―which changes my calculation for whether or not it's worth investing the time in coding up a solution.

Thanks for making making more accessible.


Thank you for the encouragement! This kind of feedback really makes doing what I'm doing worth it. Also, I fixed that annoying Python indentation error yesterday (I'm sure you ran into it a few times). If you've got any ideas for site improvements please let me know!! :D


I did run into that error many times! Glad to know it's fixed! I'll certainly send some improvement ideas along as I progress through. I'll try to keep a running list of minor annoyances. The core concept is great though, and really helpful to someone like me. Very much appreciated!

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