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Definitely my honeymoon that my wife and I took earlier this year. We went to Mo'orea for a week, an island off of Tahiti. Flew first class both ways where the seats fold flat into beds and unlimited alcohol. Got a hut on the water with the glass window in the floor and our own dock that we could go into the water to go snorkeling. Did an ATV tour of the island going through creeks, seeing the pineapple plantations, and going up a few mountains for some breathtaking views. Did a boat tour that included having lunch in the water with stingrays swimming at your feet and begging for food like little puppies, then swimming with them and black-tip sharks after. The grand finale for me was being able to get a legitimate Polynesian tattoo where the tattoo is designed on the spot after a short discussion and tapped into the skin with a stick with homemade needles made of bone. Got to even keep the tool. It will be hard to ever top that trip.

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