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Really nice article, thanks a lot Paul!

I would have put the issue tracker id on the first line (ideally at the beginning) to easily find commits related to a specific feature/issue, it's usually the starting point of investigations.

I really like the commit type, I'll try to use it in my own commits, but I disagree with the "test" type. Tests should be added in the commit containing the feature/fix code because if you put tests code in a commit before feature code, a git bisect can stop between both commits and lead to broken unit tests. And if you put tests code after the feature code, you can forgot to revert the tests when you need to revert the feature, which will break tests too.

The more complex step when doing small and smart commits is to encourage the rest of the team to do the same. This methodology takes time and developers don't often see the real advantage to do it (we don't need to git bisect every day). I think the best argument is about Pull Requests: with small and specific commits, rather than reading the whole change which is sometimes really hard, reading commit by commit and skipping the less interesting ones leads to more valuable code reviews. My Pull Requests are often paired with a long description linking to the important commit to read.

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