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Source file not compiled in CodeBlocks - C.

If you're someone like me that rarely reads instructions when installing an application then you might definitely meet with the problem I got today and I want to tell you, this might come in handy 👍 .

Initially, I've been a DevC++ application fan and if I was doing anything C i.e the CS50 courses, I would definitely use DevC++ for my C programs.
But today I got the error of Source file not compiled for the very first time, got all sweaty, and thanks to StackOverflow, I managed to get a solution which was installing CodeBlocks.

I just went right on to CodeBlocks, got the 1st .exe file I could find & installed(clicked Next, Next, finish) without reading through.

I open my C program files and on running:-

Source file not compiling dialog box

  1. I came across a guide to installing and configuring CodeBlocks and I figured I really didn't install the setup right.

Win + R, type control, uninstall CodeBlocks, Restarted my PC
and now I was ready to follow the instructions in the above link but still, I didn't reach the part that Enables me to have a "GNU GCC Compiler".

I did the above step for over 4 times but still i got the same error 😞 .

Now I started playing with every option in the toolbar till I found a solution 👏 .

👉 This will only work if you have set your Environment variables like in the link in step 1 or can use these simple steps below:-

  • Win + E, file explore opens up
  • Go to This PC
  • Right-click This PC, click on properties
  • On your left, click Advanced system settings
  • click on Environment Variables
  • Under System variables, click Path then Edit...
  • Browse for the C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks\MinGW\bin according to which drive you installed the application.

Now that your Environment variables are set, open your CodeBlocks application to setup my "GNU GCC Compiler" as shown below:-

opened my initial C program in CodeBlocks

Next, look for Settings menu on the upper toolbar.
Seetings menu on the toolbar

When you click on Settings, a dropdown menu with Environment,Editor...,Compiler...
click on Settings, a dropdown menu

Select the Compiler... menu
Select the Compiler... menu

After the above step, a new box is opened with Global Compiler Settings with the selected compiler GNU GCC Compiler.
a new box is opened
Click Reset Defaults
Click on Reset defaults
Reset defaults

A confirmation box pops up, click Yes
confirmation box pops up, click **Yes**

Another re-confirmation box pops up, still click Yes
Another re-confirmation box pops up, still click **Yes**

Popup box confirming the auto-detect installation of the GNU GCC Compiler showing the Environment Variable 👉 C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks\MinGW\bin
GNU GCC Compiler all setup using Environment Varaible

Now it is time to build and run your C program 👍 .
build and run* your C program

The program is displayed as shown below
program is displayed

Well, good job on solving that one, Happy Coding 😄 and Thanks for your time 😎 .

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