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re: I think streaming how you code is not popular because of couple things: viewer can't stop the stream to analyze your code or check the definition...
  1. Yeah, a paused video but not audio would be cool :)

  2. They can ask :) Great training for someone who wants to become a senior dev!

  3. Again they can ask :D

  4. That's true! And I don't think that streaming code will be as massive as game streams but I think there is more potential in it then people think. A good case is to show junior devs who you think!


Well, they can always ask but not always you see the question. Not always you can answer it in a good moment. And not everyone in the stream is interested in your response. I believe in edge case it could even end like - you've got 2 mid/senior people on the stream and then 5 junior joins. They start asking you trivial questions like "what is const?", "what's the difference between padding and margin?", "how do I add js file to my HTML?", etc. you know, questions which you can easily find in Google but people want an answer - not searching for it. So you start explaining them trivial questions and potentially loose two mid/seniors who will be bored? OR you ignore them so you loose juniors but mid/seniors are there staying (maybe)?

Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying it's a bad idea. No, it's good. You just to be really lucky to stream about the exact thing someone wants to listen right now.

So one of the mid/seniors can explain it ;)

In E-Sports, people also don't often understand everything that is happening and.

It does not have to be about learning. If the person is fun, you can be there just for the person and interact.

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