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re: I had not heard of Fritter! What do you think Mastodon (another Twitter replacement)?

Hi Jordyn, yeah I probably should have mentioned mastodon. I am on that as well and broadly in favour.

The issue I see with it, is that it's centralised-ish. It is federated, but not local. So it's a bunch of federated centralised services, I don't hold my own data quite the same way.

I should probably expand on the way that with DAT and SSB your data is first and foremost on your machine, that local (and offline) are priorities. If a server goes away, things just keep working (on the whole)


Ah, I see. Federated vs. local is a helpful frame for me. The app I work on is local-first (or local-only, if you want it to be) but not yet federated. We're laying the groundwork for federation now, but since there's currently no way for users to share data, it's not that applicable yet. But it will be!

Maybe you could consider using data or ssb for the federation?
Would love to know own what you are working on.

We're using IPFS for now. I will defs check out DAT and SSB!

The app is an end-to-end encrypted, peer-to-peer PWA for capturing and analyzing data about any and everything. HIPAA and GDPR compliant out of the box. Check it out if you have a sec: tallylab.com We just went into open beta and are trying to get as much feedback as we can.


I'm really glad to see other people talking about this issue! With regard to federation; I'm still pretty ok with this - as whilst it does rely on centralisation, the centralisation happens as a collection of small communities, rather than a massive dragon's lair of data hoarded by a tech supergiant. In light of that I probably should make the jump from mastodon.social to a smaller instance...

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