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Discussion on: Building My New Blog | Nuxt Vs Gridsome

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Interesting point of view. I used both a lot for small projects. I finally decided to stick to Nuxt, because of a bigger community, and an extensive set of official modules. It’s also more versatile as it support SSR.

The @Nuxt/Content module fill the void that existed before, regarding managing local data. Nevertheless, I still think Gridsome is a very good solution for static sites, and it’s true the built-in graphQL layer is a thing.

Apart from this, I think Gridsome outperform Nuxt regarding the build time, and also the component : the perfect solution to manage responsive + progressive images. Nuxt team is developing a similar feature with the @nuxt/image module, but still not production-ready.

Maybe both teams should merge to union their efforts :)

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Alex Chiu Author

Yeah the dream would be to have Gridsome's GraphQL data layer within Nuxt!