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My First Hacktoberfest Experience

larymak profile image lary mak ・1 min read

Since the beginning of October, the hacktobefest ads were all over social media, at first I did not pay attention to what it actually was but towards the end of the month my anxiety could not hold it any more. It was time to check out what is this hacktoberfest?

After clicking that link on my Instagram page my anxiety was due, I could not wait to to check it out, So I came to understand what it is after some research and I was in for it, Created an account read the terms connected my GitHub and I was good to go.

For the first time I was able to contribute to the open source world 😊😊, I did my best and within One week I had completed my 4 PRs with an extra 1, Since I am a python fun all the codes that I contributed and updated were made with and written with python,
Thanks to @digitalocean for the opportunity and this is not the last but its just the beginning of my contribution.

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