Where do Software Architects, CTOs, and other Senior+ developers hang out?

Laszlo L Mari on August 24, 2018

If you are a senior developer or above senior level what blogs do you read, what communities are you a part of, how do you get to know new people... [Read Full]
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Right here, and following a judicious selection of tweeters. I'm also on a few subject matter specific mailing lists (eg: full disclosure security list).

Then there are occasional conference attendances such as the O'Reilly software architecture ones, and much following peoples references down rabbit holes ;)


Thanks for the help. What other mailing lists are you subscribed for?


No problem, I don't have a list to hand at the moment (on hols), but:

Bugtraq, lkml, funcube, akai DPS12, Anglia lug (UK).


At home, with the wife and kids, far away from the internet. That's my guess.


In the darkest places so HR cannot find them!

I've seen them lurking on slacks, and maybe around here, but I can't disclose more :D


Yes, I knew about here, that's why I asked it here. Thanks for the help though. Which slacks do you keep track of on a daily basis or participate in discussions in?


Depends on my monthly needs, I've spent days helping people on JS and Go slacks, and now I'm looking for help in the Java one, so ..it depends.

I'm using this list of slack for developers and a few niche ones like OWASP.

Also Twitter is a great place to hang around to grasp the latest trends.


Research for a new venture I'm about to start targeting technical decision makers in an organization. I was / am this type of person, but I would like to know if my methods / communities were different than the usual.


I usually like to dive deep and read:

I am not currently an active part of any online community because of my limited time but used to chat in a bunch of slack communities.

My method is usually just trying to communicate the least misguiding way which is usually the biggest challenge. Everything else depends on the situation. I also like to practice very strict time management

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