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Discussion on: Five things that are killing my productivity as a developer (and how to potentially fix them)

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András Tóth

Oh my, I have so much to add. I relate to so many thing here.
Code reviews: There's another side of this: if you are having a pressing deadline and you are changing a repository you are not familiar with it is very smart to write to the devs beforehand. It is extremely tense when the author already changed 55 files (but in a totally wrong way), they have a deadline 2 days from now and you just can't let that code in. The solution is to write beforehand, so the owner's of the repo can advise you throughout the process.

The sneaky hate spiral: Excellent term. I have a sad realization that the more senior I got the more often I got into this: the reason is that I write code fast on the technologies I know, but every hate spiral is a special snowflake, requiring to read 600 unstructured github issue comments, fishing outdated docs.

Meetings: It took some time to convince some managers, but for example stand-ups and status reports can be shared in the team's slack channel/chat group. Even better than the real ones, since on the real ones I miss the first half because I'm thinking about what to tell, and on the second half my brains just blocks the boring drone. On the other hand when I have the mental capacity I can read my peer's status report, so I both remember it and it won't disrupt my productivity time.