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Starting to empower me of my role as a web developer

Hello everyone! I'm Lavinia from Nicaragua. I've been in this "industry" for about 5 years and I work as a web developer at Boombit. I basically work the backend of the websites, I really enjoy being behind the code that makes something work.
I recently made a small internal talk about my experience as a developer and how it has been difficult for me to learn something that seems so easy for men, and I was not talking about gender equality, but some people emphasized that in some cases it is about gender.

All this has made me think that I should push more my person, a woman, developer. Something that seemed normal to me, however as a result of this small talk I understood that it really isn't normal. We have many women hidden somewhere, waiting for the right moment to emerge and I want to take advantage of that moment.

It's the little things that together have made me see why I chose this path, most of the women are exposed to what society indicates, being wives and mothers, and when we are girls they buy us dolls, if you are children they give you a video game console. In my case I don't consider to have been overexposed to the traditional things of the girls, I liked to go to play videogames to the 3 houses of my house or the arcade that were in some grocery store. I liked math more than any girl and I competed with some boys to see who had the best grade, I think I've always been someone quite technical since then, so I see the problems as a flow chart that can be solved step by step.

I hope as many women as I am, will decide to go out and make known what we do every day.

P.S. I'm open to spelling corrections, English is not my native language
P.S. 2 Boombit Talks

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