Discussion on: AWS Certified Data Analytics vs Big Data - What's the difference?

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Hi Tom,

I forgot to write after I took the exam in early May. So, I decided to go for the Big Data Specialty one and passed. I took it at home on Person Vue, because of the current situation. I realise now that I should of done what you done and also taken the Big Data Analytics one within 2 weeks, because I would've still been in exam mode.

What helped me was a couple of resources: Stefan's and Frank's course on udemy, acloudguru, aws faqs/ reinvent and aws online training videos, and the O'reilly online Big Data Specialty course by Noah Gift. And for the practice exams I used BrainCert, which was brilliant. Because the practice questions were really helpful.

What came up was: Redshift (no spectrum), Dynamodb/dax/streams, EMR, Kinesis streams/firehose (no kda), EMR, lambda, ES, QuickSight, S3 and kms/IAM.
(no glue, sagemaker, IoT, aml, datapipeline, or amazon msk.)

Thanks for this article Tom.

Does anyone use Python, SQL, Java, open source or only aws for the data pipelines?
And has anyone taken the AWS DB specialty, SA Pro or Security?

Good Luck All,