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Interesting question, and not one I can answer - I'm self-taught myself :D In-fact, I'm pretty much wholly self-taught, as I never went to school and was home taught (Generally from books, videos and instruction media on the computer).

I've been in the industry for 20 years now, and have never had a lack of knowledge brought up at any point - in fact, most of the time people will comment that I pick things up quickly, or likely know what is going on.

I don't believe that any good developer is truly anything but self-taught. The industry changes continually, and we have to keep up with it. Without constant learning, we're going to fall behind (One blogger I used to read called this the 'steamroller of technology', an expression I hope to keep alive). Still, I'm going to be following this discussion with interest, as I'd like to see others points of view on this matter :)


Do you think the fact you where home schooled helped develop your self learning skills? Totally agree with your third paragraph. Like you, I've been learning through work for the last two decades - and if that taught me anything it's the fact that in this industry you simply can't stop learning.


I definitely do, though I think that is something that anyone (No matter how they have been taught) should have... I was taught from a young age to read, to enjoy reading and to speed-read, which has helped my comprehension no end.

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