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Discussion on: Don't be afraid to share your projects

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Sundeep • Edited

Agree whole heartedly that more people should take a dig at sharing their project with others. The very act of trying to make it presentable to the world would force a change of how you view your own project. Suddenly, you want to make sure variables are named well, functions are small enough and documented, a good README to explain what the project is about and what the steps/setup needed for others to tinker.

Sharing them to specific forums related to that subject helps too. Personally, I've found that if you care enough to improve yourself, rest would come easy enough. You'll start to observe what others are doing well, how to present things - basically you'll have a base to compare and contrast against. Just like learning programming or learning to drive a car, the process of doing it for substantial amount of time is important for our perspective to change and be receptive to feedback received. Fictional writers are often given a suggestion to write 3+ books before giving up - similarly, I'd say that one should share at least 3+ projects.

Taking time to teach others and writing tutorials/books has benefitted my programming journey immensely. When you are forced to explain what you thought was obvious is an eye opener. There are too many positives to miss out on learning opportunity by sharing your project. And it is so easy to create an anonymous profile - so overcome your hesitation and share!!