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Discussion on: Pay your rent from open source 💸

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This is why donation-based projects are struggling: you're asking people to pay for something they already have.

I can definitely relate to this. When one of my repo crossed about 5k stars (now 8k+), I put up donation links and received from only one person (which had to stop in the middle due to payment gateway changes) and then nothing at all since. My repos are learning resources than software, so that might have played a role too.

Somehow, I got the courage to start self publishing ebooks instead of putting up tutorials on github. When I release them, the readers have an option to get it for free for a few days (could pay as well if they choose to). And this definitely gave much better results. I was driven to research deeper and write the books in a well structured manner, adding exercises, etc compared to the tutorial. Overall, I consider this a win for all parties involved compared to donation model. Plus, payment options like Stripe do not work for individuals in my country.

Yours is an inspiring story. Good luck!!

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Liyas Thomas Author • Edited

One of the most frustrating issue is that there's not even a single payment gateway which has global access. This keeps people apart. That is bad.

Only solution I could think of is donation platforms like BuyMeACoffee which handles payment gateway and have lot of checkout options. Actually BuyMeACoffee is an official partner of PayPal and Stripe.