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3 simple things to keep in mind when building a client site!

Have you ever find yourself in a situation when you actually don't know how to proceed with a website client. This event occurs when your client is not that specific what he wants and asking him wouldn't help you.

Today I'm going to share with you how you can achieve and represent yourself as professional as possible to your clients.

1. Gather ideas from similar sites

This might not solve your entire problem, but it would give you idea what's next. For instance what I do when I'm stuck is I try to copy and paste to Adobe Xd 3 to 4 similar sites.

I'm not saying you should copy them, you should be inspired by them see how they are solving current problems and how you can too.

2. Make a list

Before your jump straight to the development or to design, try to make a list about what's inside of every section and why that section is there.

First start with the easiest one. For instance contact page, most of us know what's inside the contact page. If you don't know start research time.

Do your research about that topic for example what goes inside contact page or about page, it really depends on the project but you get the idea.

3. Always keep in mind for whom is the website built for?

To be honest this is the most important point I made today. Most of us try to make crazy designs or clean code or whatever. But at the end it doesn't matter if your website don't get any traffic right?

People come to the site for some reason and I promise you that they don't come for the design or even the craziest one THE CODE. They probably don't notice it at all.

Thus where your focus should be? It's simple, always view it in the user perspective. If you do this I guarantee you that your clients gonna be happy and you are going to get that 5 star review more easily.

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