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Public Cloud in the Service of Applications with Sarah Musick

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There has been a noticeable uptick in the adoption of public cloud providers. At the same time, the voices advocating for the abandonment of traditional data centers are getting louder. Keeping servers around to keep running their business might be overkill for many companies. For others, it could be the only reasonable choice. And even if you decide to transition to the cloud, how do you know which of its features you need? 

Today we talk to Sarah Musick, the systems engineering principal at CloudGenera, a workload placement decision engine, where she spearheads the onboarding efforts with enterprise customers. Sarah is a big believer in the targeted adoption of the public cloud in tech - the approach based on the understanding that the cloud should serve the application rather than the other way around. She helps us understand how to assess our data management needs and how to choose the options that best serve those needs.  

When you finish listening to the episode, make sure you connect with Sarah on LinkedIn and visit CloudGenera website.

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