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Staying on Top of Dependency Freshnes with Freshli

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For most teams, dependency freshness is a pain that is often ignored. “If it works –don’t change it” is the prevailing attitude, but as a lot of applications become web-focused, dependencies inevitably start gaining traction. Why does dependency freshness matter, and how do we proactively stay on top of it? 

Today we present Freshli - the dependency freshness tool we have been working on. The microphone goes to the team involved: Cassandra Carothers, Technical Sales Manager here at Corgibytes, and Catalina De la Cuesta, Chris Cumming, and Dave Farinelli, our Lead Code Whisperers. The Freshli tool captures historical libyear metrics about a project's dependencies. Freshli stays alongside your codebase and works together with code quality tools, showing where your project is going overtime. It is designed to work with multiple languages, and it currently supports Ruby, Perl, Python, PHP, and .NET. 

 If you are interested to know more about Freshli, make sure you reach out to our team on LinkedIn after you’ve listened to the episode.

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