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re: Thanks a lot, this is very encouraging and a relief. I have lots of things that I created with the "let me put this cool X into practice" Do you t...

Absolutely. A good quality portfolio of work is always beneficial, regardless of your previous work situation. If anything, it's one of the key differentiators for me when it comes to hiring folks with zero work experience.

I'd highly recommend focusing in on just one of those projects, and fleshing it out a bit. Add some polish, maybe a feature or two, and make sure it's available somewhere where a recruiter or other developer can check it out whenever they like.

Feature a link to your project prominently in the work experience section on your CV.

Bonus points if your project is your CV.

Like the agile manifesto says: 'value working software over comprehensive documentation'. Show me a comprehensive list of places you've worked? Meh. Show me a cool project that you're passionate about? BINGO!

Obviously there are no guarantees when it comes to applying for (and getting) jobs. But doing some of the above can only help you.

I absolutely love it.

Long story short, at the end of 2017 I planed that I'm not ready to start work, after personal issues I needed to take care of. Now though, every time I start working on my portfolio I get angst at the idea that no prior work experience would penalise me severely. So your comment is very very empowering.

Now I'll stop doubting myself and just get to work

Thanks so much

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