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re: Is this purely CLI app? Are there any UIs in plan?

I made a CLI app because of two main reasons:
1) The project that inspired me, Taskbook, was a CLI.
2) A CLI was the easiest way to practice NodeJS and TypeScript without worrying too much about UI.
I thought about doing it as a web app, the API wouldn't be a problem, but the UI would take a long time, principally because I'm still green in web design.
I can do this in the future though, if possible using serverless, which is another topic I have great interest.


Thanks for more info. Who is the target user you have in mind for initial stage, and later stage?

Initially the target user is developers since a CLI is much more friendly to a developer or IT professionals. But with a future web application, it will probably expand to anybody who reads a lot, not only IT articles, but any article.

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