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Great idea, the only weak point might be search, compared to an alternative like Gmail, which has superior full-text search capabilities (however if you use Max/OSX you already have very powerful "local" full-text search with Spotlight, which you can apply with your local Git files).

Also, you need a private Github repo of course, which costs money, so this solution is not free.

For the rest, a very interesting idea. Revision control can of course also be a lifesaver.


Search is actually a strong suit of this approach: if you store everything as plain text you will be able to search all of your content using Github if online, or grep if you are local.


You touched an interesting point I really haven't thought about: searching. But I think the reason I haven't thought about that is simply because on my laptop (using Linux) I can search files and documents really easily within the "Files" software and it hasn't shown any issues so far!

Sure, for this kind of stuff you must use a private repository, but there are free alternatives if you don't have or don't want to subscribe a paid plan on Github!

Bitbucket, from Atlassian, allows any free user to create private repositories and also have (recently I think) project management features (and integrates well with Trello). You could give it a try if you'd like to test this system!

Thanks for your feedback!

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