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Discussion on: Flutter: Formatting TextField with TextInputFormatter

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Leonidas Yopan

Sweet Rubens. What if we need a range, I don't want the user to input any value that exceeds a max value (example 0 - 100.0). Can I extend that and still allow the user to work with decimals? This is what I have thus far:

class CustomRangeTextInputFormatter extends TextInputFormatter {
  final double maxValue;

  CustomRangeTextInputFormatter({@required this.maxValue});

  TextEditingValue formatEditUpdate(
    TextEditingValue oldValue,
    TextEditingValue newValue,
  ) {
    if (newValue.text == '')
      return TextEditingValue();
    else if (int.parse(newValue.text) < 0) return TextEditingValue().copyWith(text: '0');

    return int.parse(newValue.text) > maxValue ? TextEditingValue().copyWith(text: maxValue.toString()) : newValue;
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But unfortunately it doesn't allow the user to use decimals. (Exemplo: 2.3, 10.7, 85.3, etc...)

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Adeyanju Akorede

I think that's because you are using int.parse() instead of double.parse()

At least that did it for me