Solve the Cretan maze

Leonora Der on June 24, 2018

UPDATE: 06.26. I added a winners section! :) 07.01. You can now specify the level of your maze (BEGINNER - 7, ADVANCED - 15, EXPERT - 31) Last w... [Read Full]
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Hello Leonora!
Thanks for that game, it's really great!
I'm going to try it out;
Is it allowed to get old mazed and play there?


hi, thanks! :)
if i understand your question right, at the moment it has only one mode, so there is not any 'sandbox' like environment where you can try out stuff, but you are allowed to create as many mazes as you like! :)


I've explored little bit, really nice!
Would it be possible in the nearest future to generate non only 15X15 mazes?
Like POST /api/mazes with parameter like size

Yes, it is planned, just the way you said! I'm having exams in the next 2 days, but after that I will have time again to work on it! :) I promise, I will let you know! :)

I've started already python client implementation for that, haha! Looking forward for the updates!
Thank you for game and wish you luck with your exams!

Hi again! I do have some time to make some updates now. I planning the following levels: BEGINNER(7), ADVANCED(15) and EXPERT(31). What do you think?

Yeah, different levels are great! Also I'm thinking about custom one, to let user specify size explicitly (if server allows users to)

I updated the challenge so one can choose from those levels. I thought that you might be interested where the user could specify the size, but I do not really feel like it would be great. I mean it would need validations, also if there would be a very big maze like 250 x 250, 3 coins would be too few I think... :)

I didn't think about number of coins vs size. You're right


I just love the idea. Thanks for creating it!

If I may suggest something, it would be nice to have some example responses in the documentation of the API. Unless, of course, you think that figuring that our it a part of the game too. Then that's ok, I think ;)

I hope I will have some time to play with it in near future.


haha! :) i will think about it! :) but thanks a lot! :) hoping you will enjoy it! :)


Now I noticed there is a link to swagger docs, however it asks me for password...

Yes, the same user/pass you registered with! :)


Hi Leonora!
Here is the first post from series on exploring your maze!
Going to make it fun soon.


Thanks for your effort and time! :) I'm looking forward to the upcoming posts in the series! :) I am not a Python developer myself, but I like to play with Python code, but mainly on the domain of data science. Go on, I will stay tuned! :)


Actually, there was a Cretan Labyrinth which is not the same as the maze.

See the difference here:


Yeah, I know that! :) But I was about the create a maze and I wanted to give it some context, a good story... and I guess it would have been too easy if I made a lot simpler labyrinth.... what do you think? :)


It is great, I had a lot of fun with it. and I already have let it solve by one of our interns, so he has a cool task and learning python.



This is nice.
One question: if I make a step, what's the "ON" direction?
And another: are coins automatically collected as I step on a cell?


hi, thanks! :)
ON is what you are standing on so for example you can see that you are standing on a coin... and no not automatically collected, there is a 'pick up a coin' endpoint working only if you are standing on one! :)

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