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re: thank you for your post and your simple and clear way i didn't have a wide knowledge about AWS but i want to know more about this sentences: au...


Even using Elastic Load Balancing you would need to have at least one instance running no matter what, so, if you have 7 days without touching your qa environment, u will pay at least 1 instance for every day. Using serverless, you pay for what you use, so, 7 days without any database request is equal to 0$.

Besides that, you need to set up the rules for scaling up, like CPU usage, RAM usage, etc. That is not so trivial. Therefore, always you need to establish a maximum number of instances that could be running at a certain time according to the metrics. Maybe you will be short if it receives high traffic, with serverless you don't need to worry about that, everything scales automatically on-demand.

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