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Discussion on: What's your opinion of doing free work in exchange for "exposure"?

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Lewis kori Author

Code for America is a good one if you want bigger named stuff. Generally, I like helping out on little projects and stuff I personally use, which are generally maintained by one person in their own spare time. You can probably find a number of options in the various things you use, too.

I'll look into some open source projects that need maintainers. There's find collabs which is a platform for open source maintainers to look for collaborators.

I consider this boundaries on my time and energy, which I encourage everyone to set and enforce. The whole "exposure" thing, I think, is a way for someone to try to overstep those boundaries and take advantage of us. It's up to us as makers to not let them.

someone once told me to build their startup for them. Long story short we had a discussion over on discord and he even went to the extent of adding me to their workplace discord server. But we hadn't discussed payment. So when I raised the issue and it became clear he wouldn't pay, He gave me some philosophical BS and removed me from their server.
Needless to say, I learned my lesson quite hard.