How can I become a shopify developer?

Le Xuan Trung on January 04, 2019

As title I want to become a shopify developer in 2019, please tell me know the journey to be this. Thank you.

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The best way to get started is to read through help.shopify.com/en/api/getting-st....

I'm not a Shopify dev per se, but I work on ecommerce sites and write some Rails code. It is really useful to have a firm grasp on Liquid as well (Shopify's templating language).


Thank you for your recommendation. I have created shopify app on local and begin to read the document, I hope I can be a shopify developer in this year.
Cheer :)


1.Learn React ( Hooks etc), know how to use NodeJs

  1. Learn the Shopify API 3.Sign up as a Shopify Partner/Dev 4.Read the documentation 5.Follow the guide 6.Learn Koa GraphQL and Typescript 7.Work as an intern maybe

Where do you live? My company in Hanoi , is looking for shopify developer interns right now.

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