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re: Well, the last paragraph of your article makes clear you have no idea about what you're saying. Az DevOps is used by all engineering teams in Micro...

I don't care if Microsoft is dog-fooding their own product, as an outsider and someone who's used and built similar products, Azure DevOps has given me a bad user experience. It does't matter if the employees are using the product (they probably don't have choice anyway), at the end of the day they have to sell it and I definitely won't buy it. And I'm not a Windows user and I don't develop any projects on Windows, so I don't speak for that. From what you're saying, it seems that dog-fooding and Windows are the only two things Az DevOps is good for.


Chastina, I agree with Luciano. We use Azure DevOps to deploy Java artifacts from AWS S3 to Amazon Linux EC2 instances because it has better release functionality than AWS Code Pipeline. I would agree with Luciano that you don't have a good grasp of the features.

Maybe I spoke too soon. No I haven't used AWS Code Pipeline or used Azure DevOps the way you used it. I'm speaking for my personal experience with it and so far it sucked. I built better CICD solutions myself on bare Jenkins. I apologize if what I said offended any of the Azure DevOps users out there that had pleasant experiences with it. I'm just speaking for my experience and I don't need to have to have used all of the CICD products out there to be able to then say what I felt.

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