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SkemaBuild: Make gRPC Development Faster and Easier

I just finished the preview version for a toolkit to generate grpc service code (with grpc-gateway) from protobuf file AUTOMATICALLY.

Well, in some sense, it's close to what Buf wants to do, but in a simpler way (in my opinion). You don't need the buf.yaml file, and you can use whatever git repo (github/gitlab/bitbucket/your own git server) to host your proto files (this is very important for proto management, and it's actually why I started making this tool).

Further than just a protobuf stubs automation and management tool, it provides service code generating based on another framework So the tool is fundamentally a scaffolding toolkit for stubs and codes. All you need to do is 4 steps in your terminal. For example:
skbuild api init --package=org.test --service=Hello

skbuild api create -i ./Hello.proto -o ./temp --go_option ""

skbuild api publish -s ./temp -u stub --version v1.0.0

skbuild service create -p

Feel free to try out if interested. I'll be very appreciated if you leave any thought in the github discussion board.

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