Anyone planning on doing Advent of Code this year?

Linda Thompson on November 20, 2019

I wasn't able to keep up last year, but really love the challenge & intend to try again this year! Anyone else participating or interested? Che... [Read Full]
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I am and am super excited for it!

I tried the past two years, but never managed to keep doing it until the end. In 2017 I stopped after a week or so because I was too busy with my job (working weekends and evenings as well), and in 2018 I was traveling through Kerala for the last two weeks of the year without internet or laptop.

Am traveling this year as well, but am planning on taking my laptop along and completing all of them this time 😁Might want to write some tutorials on how to solve them as well, if I have time.


I didn't know there was an official or original one! I've seen the F# community put one on every year, but I've never followed along in real-time. This year I might try to get a little more into it, especially since I don't feel very cheerful around the holidays.


Yeah! There's a regular subreddit for it as well, where people post stuff from all sorts of languages (including a bunch I've never heard of!). It can be a nice bit of challenge and cheer. 😊


I'm not really good programmer (due I'm programmin since a year ago more or less) but I'm planning doing it.


That's ok! Lots of people are willing to help, and a lot of it comes down to figuring out what needs to be done to find the solution, more than how you code it. My first year I did it, I got a loooot of help from folks on the subreddit - lots of people out there willing to help! Definitely works the problem solving muscles, and can provide some topics to dig into in the new year as well. 😊


Hopefully yeah. I came across the site last year but didn't have spare time for it. Seems like a good opportunity to practice what I've learned so far.


It really is! The way he words the problems is so fun, & it pushes me every year.


Shit that's cool, how have I never heard of this before?
I might give it a shoot this december, depends how busy/hectic it'll be.


It's pretty fun! Hope you can try it out!


I will try, but life will probably get in the way after the first week or so.

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